NLRB and the Health Care Industry

Health care employers today continue to face a number of evolving challenges, not the least of which is the constantly changing rules and guidance from the NLRB. Join us as we review recent NLRB trends and developments affecting health care employers. Specifically, we will cover the most significant differences between the old NLRB representation case procedures and the new “quickie election” rules, and we will provide guidance on how to best position your company to respond to the threat of union organizing activity under the new rules. We will discuss the parameters of the rule announced by the NLRB in Purple Communications holding that employees have a right to use the employer’s email system to engage in protected activity and outline some exceptions to the rule and tips for amending current policies. The NLRB has also been very busy striking down employers’ social media and other handbook policies. We will discuss what policy language will pass NLRB scrutiny and cover other legal parameters regarding social media in the workplace. Join us to ensure that your company is not the next NLRB target!