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New Minnesota Wage Theft Law Imposes Significant Obligations on Employers


Posted on June 27, 2019 in HR Insights for Health Care

Published by: Hall Render

Minnesota’s “Wage Theft Law” goes into effect on July 1, 2019, resulting in significant changes to the state’s labor and employment laws. The new legislation imposes requirements on employers in Minnesota to provide notices and maintain records, create criminal and civil penalties for wage theft and grant additional authority to the Minnesota government agencies... READ MORE

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What Will a Trump Presidency Mean for Employers?


Posted on November 10, 2016 in HR Insights for Health Care

Published by: Hall Render

Only time will tell for certain whether President-elect Donald J. Trump will pursue a traditional Republican agenda on employment issues. While Mr. Trump certainly carries a business background, his appeal to blue collar and other middle class workers during the campaign may restrain what might otherwise be a pro-employer legislative agenda in some areas. We... READ MORE

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TRICARE Provider Affirmative Action Exemption Clears Congress


Posted on December 20, 2011 in Health Law News

Published by: Hall Render

Both the House and the Senate have now approved language in the National Defense Authorization Act, which, if it becomes law, appears to exempt TRICARE network providers from having to comply with burdensome affirmative action obligations.  (This article is a follow-up to the December 9, 2011 Employment Law News, available here.) House and Senate Versions... READ MORE


Congress Considers Carving Out TRICARE Providers from List of Employers That Must Comply with Affirmative Action


Posted on December 9, 2011 in Health Law News

Published by: Hall Render

Earlier this month, the Senate passed the National Defense Authorization bill (S. 1867), which contains a provision that exempts certain TRICARE network providers from jurisdiction by the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP).  If it becomes law, this provision will undo the OFCCP’s recent efforts to require health care providers that participate in... READ MORE


NLRB Postpones Requirement to Post Employee Rights Notice


Posted on October 11, 2011 in Long-Term Care, Home Health & Hospice

Written by: Bufford, David W.

The NLRB announced last week that it has postponed the implementation date for its new notice-posting rule (previously discussed here and here) by more than two months in order to allow for “enhanced education and outreach to employers”, particularly those who operate small and medium sized businesses.  The posting requirement for most private employers... READ MORE

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