Speaking Engagement

To Clone or Not to Clone: Evaluating and Mitigating EHR Copy and Paste Compliance Risks

Event: Wisconsin Society of Healthcare Risk Management 2020 Spring Conference



Electronic medical record documentation has enormous benefits for both patients and providers; however, certain “smart tools” incorporated into electronic health record (EHR) systems can also pose the potential for clinical and regulatory risk. “Copy and paste,” “carry forward,” “make me the author,” and other cloning features, when used inappropriately, can contribute to regulatory noncompliance, adversely impact patient safety, and create unnecessary financial risk. As the government continues to scrutinize use of such features through its healthcare enforcement initiatives, providers should assess the challenges and perils associated with EHR systems, understand the guidance on appropriate medical record documentation, and consider taking steps to reduce associated compliance risks.

Speaker(s): Katherine Kuchan; Stephane Fabus

Organizer: Wisconsin Society of Healthcare Risk Management