Speaking Engagement

The Employment Relationship from Beginning to End

[07/24/2014 - 8:00 AM-4:30 PM]


This full-day seminar covers nine key topics that will take participants all the way through the employment relationship – from beginning to end.

  • Employment-at-Will … What It Really Means in Indiana: Presented by Steve Lyman
  • Background Checks and Criminal Records … EEOC’s New Focus: Presented by Dana Stutzman
  • I-9 Forms … Doing Them Right: Presented by Natalie Murphy
  • Wages, Hours and Overtime … Understanding the Trickiest Rules: Presented by Kevin Stella
  • Bullying and Workplace Harassment … Walking the Tightrope and Setting the Right Tone: Presented by Dana Stutzman
  • Facebook and Social Media … Staying in Line with Online Problems: Presented by Dana Stutzman
  • Family and Medical Leave … What You Need to Know to Avoid Frustration: Presented by Mary Kate Liffrig
  • Accommodating the Disabled Worker … The Interactive Process That Really Works: Presented by Steve Lyman
  • Severance and COBRA … Don’t Get Bitten: Presented by Fred Bachmann
  • Ready, Aim, Fire … On Target with Discipline and Discharge: Presented by Steve Lyman
  • Confronting the Union Challenge … Management Rights and Responsibilities in the “New” NLRB Era: Presented by Steve Lyman

Speaker(s): Dana E. Stutzman, Kevin A. Stella, Natalie L. Murphy, Stephen W. Lyman, Mary Kate Liffrig, Fred J. Bachmann

Organizer: Hall, Render, Killian, Heath & Lyman

Venue: OneAmerica Tower, IN - Get A Map