Speaking Engagement

Practical Counsel Seminar 2014



National Health Care Impacts – Erica Coe

Shared Savings – It’s What’s for Dinner – Adam Klein, Gregg Wallander

The Latest on Regulatory and Payment – Regan Tankersley, Lori Wink

Dealing with CMS/OIGActions Relating to Investigations and Disclosures – Brian Betner, Scott Taebel

Disruptive Physicians and Contemporary Employment Issues – Bruce Bagdady, Jim Hogan

Stark/AKS – A Dive in the Desert – Erin Drummy, Terry Heath

Roundtable Discussion – Stu Hennessey, Jennifer Skeels

Telemedicine and Credentialing – Chris Eades

Data Breaches – Causes, Effects and Actions – Jeff Short, Mark Swearingen

Accountable Care – The Current Climate and Handling Disputes – John Williams

Speaker(s): Lori A. Wink, John F. Williams III, Gregg M. Wallander, Regan E. Tankersley, Scott W. Taebel, Mark J. Swearingen, Jennifer F. Skeels, Jeffrey W. Short, James B. Hogan, R. Terry Heath, Christopher C. Eades, Erin M. Drummy, Brian C. Betner, Bruce M. Bagdady

Organizer: Hall, Render, Killian, Heath & Lyman

Venue: The Phoenician, AZ - Get A Map