Speaking Engagement

Planning for Successful Discharges and Transfers: Plus a Walk Through the F Tags and the New CMS Initiative and Focus

Event: American College of Health Care Administrators (ACHCA) 2019 Convocation & Expo



The new regulations amplify the existing maze of notice requirements for discharges and transfers. Who gets a notice? When should it be delivered? In December 2017, CMS announced a new initiative aimed at slowing the growing trend of illegal evictions of skilled nursing residents. CMS is exploring a range of fixes, which the session will discuss. Involuntary discharge situations affect skilled nursing and assisted living facilities when residents, families and others are disruptive or abusive. Resident behavior and non-payment for a stay impacts the entire operations of post-acute care facilities and presents potentially dangerous and difficult environments for operators along with potentially significant economic considerations.

Topics covered:

  • Final federal regulations and state laws outlining discharge process.
  • Review when and how discharge planning is appropriate.
  • Define the appeals and hearing processes involved with discharge planning.

Speaker(s): Sean J. Fahey

Organizer: American College of Health Care Administrators

Venue: Omni Louisville Hotel; Louisville, Kentucky