Speaking Engagement

MHA Corporate Compliance and Risk Management Conference



Risk Management for Privacy and Cybersecurity
Melissa Markey
The increasing dependence on technology in medicine has introduced new risks into the health care enterprise. While breaches of private data are familiar to everyone, cybersecurity risks in healthcare are broader than just privacy. Hospitals and healthcare entities are not just random victims of cybercrime; they are intended targets of highly sophisticated threat actors who have scouted out the target and know exactly what they are after. Melissa Markey will discuss some of the most common threats facing health care, discuss some practical actions non-technologists can do to strengthen cyber defenses, and explain how integration of cyber risk into the holistic enterprise risk management system is a critical factor in improving patient safety.

Rural Health: Compliance Hot Spots and Trends
Rene Larkin – Hall Render
Financial pressures, low patient volumes, and physician recruitment issues are issues faced daily by rural hospitals. When addressing these challenges through innovative approaches like telehealth, co-location, home health and transportation strategies, compliance considerations always need to be considered. Rene Larkin will discuss these issues and current rural health enforcement trends.

Heart of Healthcare: Comprehensive Compliance Strategies for Your Providers
Chris Adelman – Hall Render
Providers are at the heart of every healthcare entity. Recent focus on health care and changes in regulatory and enforcement priorities impact providers and their work environment. Chris Adelman will discuss the compliance aspects of supervision and delegation, scope of practice, reimbursement, and billing considerations unique to your providers.

Speaker(s): Christopher A. Adelman, Rene M. Larkin, Melissa L. Markey

Organizer: Montana Hospital Association

Venue: MHA Building; Helena, MT