Speaking Engagement

Legal Implications of Telehealth, Part 3



This one-hour webinar analyzes the legal issues that may represent barriers to the implementation of telehealth solutions. This session is the conclusion of a series intended to identify a list of actionable consensus issues. From the list, the goal is identification of those action items with the broadest grassroots support with a goal of advancing those ideas to national legislative awareness. The intent is to leverage the support and promote the identification and adoption of meaningful and broadly applicable improvements in the legal environment for telehealth with the ultimate goal of making the use of telehealth a viable means to create efficiencies and address provider shortages in the health care industry. This effort does not focus on hastening payment reform, but instead focuses on identifying changes to the laws that define telehealth such that meaningful solutions can be sensibly implemented even in the pre-population management payment system world.

Speaker(s): Scott J. Geboy, Jeffrey W., John F. Williams III