CRM Solutions Manager

CRM Solutions Manager

With the adoption of a firm-wide customer relationship management (CRM) system planned for 2019, Hall Render is looking for a dedicated employee to coordinate efforts among departments, assist with updating and coding client data, progress the implementation of the CRM and train employees as needed. This individual will support our goals, objectives and promote the effective use of Hall Render’s technology throughout the organization. Within this role, this individual will interact with key stakeholders and apply their technical proficiency across different stages of the development and/or management of the CRM. While reporting directly to the Business Development and Marketing Services team, this individual will be primarily responsible for the development of the CRM and various functions to be used by Finance, IT, BD & Marketing Services and attorneys. This individual must also possess good project management skills and be capable of taking ownership of projects from start to finish, with a strong commercial awareness for delivering projects on time, in budget and with excellent results.

Key Roles and Responsibilities

  • Coordinate efforts with Finance, IT and BD & Marketing Services to ensure the CRM works effectively for all aspects of the company
  • Ensure the database is segmented effectively for targeted marketing activities
  • Analyze and code data based on selected criteria
  • Define project tasks and resource requirements
  • Plan and schedule project timelines
  • Provide direction and support to project team
  • Develop testing strategies for all aspects of the CRM to ensure the most effective approach
  • Train employees on proper use of the CRM and assist with deliverables
  • Interpret and execute report development requests
  • Assist Finance, IT and BD & Marketing Services with additional tasks related to the CRM initiative, as well as assisting with other projects as time allows


  • Bachelor’s degree (or comparable experience) in a relevant quantitative field (i.e., Computer Science, Statistics, Applied Mathematics, Engineering or Information Technology)
  • 2+ years in data related work (modeling, integration, reporting and analytics)
  • Intermediate proficiency in SQL, Excel
  • Strong analytical skills and ability to work well with large amounts of data
  • Ability to transfer knowledge to various levels of the organization
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills, including presentation writing and delivery
  • Proven ability to self-teach new software and material
  • Creative problem-solving skills
  • Project management skills
  • Excellent eye for detail in regards to process improvement and meticulous approach to quality assurance
  • Professional services (legal) experience preferred

To apply, send your resume and salary requirements to Sherri Umbaugh, Director of Human Resources, at

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