Publications by Jonathan C. Bumgarner

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OFCCP Wants the Health Care Industry to Take Affirmative Action, Hall Render's Practical Health (April/May 2011)

Health Care Providers that Enter TRICARE Network Agreements are Federal Subcontractors Subject to OFCCP Jurisdiction, Indianapolis Chapter of Federal Bar Association Newsletter: "The Orator" (April 2011)

OFCCP Clarifies When Healthcare Providers Must Comply with Affirmative Action, AHLA "Health Lawyer's Weekly" (February 18, 2011)

Hospitals That Participate in TRICARE May Be Covered by Affirmative Action Laws, Memo Published by Indiana Hospital Association (2010)

Recent Developments in Affirmative Action Laws Could Affect Hospitals, Memo Published by Indiana Hospital Association (2009)

Supreme Court Clarifies Constructive Discharge in Sex Harassment Case, Indiana State Bar Association Newsletter: "The Workplace Lawyer" (2004)

Deductions from Employee Paychecks: Doing Them Right and Making Them Legal, ISHHRA (2004)