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Issue of Eligible “Urban Health Clinic” Under Healthcare Connect Fund Appealed to the FCC

Posted on December 2, 2013 in Health Information Technology

Written by: Michael T. Batt

The Oregon Health Network (“OHN”) has appealed to the FCC an adverse ruling by USAC regarding whether health care provider service locations that are urban, but are not licensed bed hospitals (or other eligible entities), will qualify for funding under the Healthcare Connect Fund (“HCF”). The determination of this issue will clarify whether the scope of the HCF is intended to include only urban hospitals or all participants in the continuum of care and will likely affect the scope and design of networks that rely on the HCF for subsidy in order to provide advanced telehealth services to the rural population. The full text of the OHN appeal is located here.

Hall Render is coordinating comments by interested parties.  If you have questions on this appeal, the scope of the HCF or need assistance with your HCF application, please contact Michael T. Batt at 317.977.1417 or