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The FCC Releases Rules for Healthcare Connect Fund and Announces Pilot to Expand Infrastructure Funding to Skilled Nursing Facilities

Posted on January 8, 2013 in Health Information Technology

Written by: William A. Dummett

The Federal Communication Commission (“FCC”) released rules governing how it will distribute $150 million annually out of the Healthcare Connect Fund to qualifying health care providers to support the provision of health care services to the rural population.  The Healthcare Connect Fund grows on the experience and lessons learned by the FCC through its Rural Healthcare Pilot Project

The Healthcare Connect Fund will fund up to 65% of the cost of qualifying projects, which, in addition to facilities involved directly in the provision of care in rural areas, may include a consortium of urban and rural health care providers, administrative office buildings and data centers.  The FCC will begin accepting applications for the Healthcare Connect Fund beginning in late summer of 2013.

If you have any questions regarding the Healthcare Connect Fund, the Universal Service Fund Program or communications infrastructure, please contact Michael T. Batt at 317.977.1417 or or William A. Dummett at 317.977.1427 or