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False Claims Act/Qui Tam Actions

Hall Render has represented clients around the country in trial courts, courts of appeals and the United States Supreme Court. The False Claims Act litigation team has been extraordinarily successful dealing with False Claims Act cases, having cases dismissed in the majority of lawsuits filed against its clients, including clients in Alabama, Tennessee, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri and elsewhere, and defending the dismissals in Courts of Appeal in Chicago, Atlanta, New York and the United States Supreme Court.

Hall Render's unique blend of encyclopedic health care knowledge and skilled False Claims Act litigators allows multi-layered levels of representation that address not only the discovery and litigation questions of a lawsuit, but also the underlying health care issues. These cases often turn on the complexities of health care practice and regulations, issues Hall Render's focused health care attorneys are experienced in addressing.

At Hall Render, every False Claims Act case is treated as a health care practices issue as well as a lawsuit, ensuring that our clients' needs are fully met, both in responding to the litigation and in ensuring that any practices leading to the claims are globally addressed to ensure future compliance.