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Clinical Services & Patient Care Issues

Hall Render attorneys counsel hospitals and other health care providers on patient care issues, such as informed consent, privacy and other patient rights and ethics issues. We have experience drafting and reviewing consent and release documents and are familiar with patient bills of rights. We continue to monitor federal and state patient rights developments and serve as counsel to hospital ethics committees and institutional review boards.

Our attorneys also provide legal advice on all manner of issues directly impacting the delivery of clinical services to ensure quality of care and patient safety. For example, we frequently counsel our clients on health care professional scope of practice, medical record documentation, emergency protocols, risk management concerns and EMTALA questions. We also are called upon to prepare legally-compliant patient care-related policies and procedures.

A number of our attorneys have practiced as front-line health care professionals; thus, our understanding and depth of knowledge on the clinical aspects of patient care is born of direct experience.

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